Ministerial Training Course (MTC)

Two-year part-time church leadership training that combines classroom teaching with ongoing practical training.

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What is the course about?

A two-year part-time church leadership training course for those who are actively involved in ministry or Bible School graduates who desire further impartation within the context of on-the-job training. Classes run on Tuesday evenings from 7.00pm – 9.30pm and on selected Saturday mornings/afternoons throughout the year.

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Course Syllabus

The Church, Church Planting and Cell Ministry
The Purpose & Mission of the Church, Church Government & Structure, Spiritual Authority, The Church: Local & Universal, The Priesthood of every Believer, Ministries in the Church, Lay Ministry, Fivefold Ministry, How to establish your Ministry, Ministerial Duties, Ministerial Ethics and Cell Ministry

Leadership Development
Spiritual Leadership, The Principles of Vision, Spiritual Authority, The Principles of Faith, Mentorship, The Leader & Their Family, How to preach and teach and How to minister to others 

Supernatural Ministry
Introduction to Supernatural Ministry, Authority & Power, The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, The Anointing, Prophetic Ministry, Healing Ministry and Deliverance Ministry

Systematic Theology
God, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, End Times, Eternal States

The Challenge of Islam, World Religions, 

Other Essential Subjects
New creation realities, The Believer's Authority, Worship, Holiness, Spiritual Warfare, The Family, Counselling, Financial Stewardship, Fasting and Praying and The ministry of women

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Course structure and projects

  • Two-year part-time course for Ministerial Training Course certificate at diploma level
  • Weekly two-and-half hour teaching sessions with termly exams
  • Teaching and practical activities on selected Saturdays throughout the year
  • One year placement in a Church service on Sundays playing an active leader
  • Written assignments on selected topics including memory verse tests
  • Practical assignments including evangelism, prayer and cell ministry
  • Active participation in cell groups for a minimum of one year
  • Overseas missions for a total of four weeks
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Student experience

‘It's made me realise that we are saved for a purpose’
‘(MTC) opened up opportunities to serve in God’s house in ways I never imagined’

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Term dates, fees and location

7.00pm - 9.30pm on Tuesday evenings. Practicals and street outreach on selected Saturday mornings and afternoons throughout the year

  • 11th Sept – 11th Dec 2018
  • 15th Jan – 9th Apr 2019
  • 30th Apr – 30th Jul 2019

Fees: £450 / year payable at once or monthly installments. Discount available for early payment by 10th September 2018.

The Halley Academy (formerly Corelli College), Corelli Road, London SE3 8EP

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What's included?

  • Interactive teaching sessions with practical experience
  • Access to the virtual learning environment with course materials, audio recordings from weekly sessions and course timetable
  • Free or discounted entry to selected short courses offered by CLTI
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